Weekly Roundup 01/22/21 (Bitcoin’s ‘double spend’, our Tether perspective, Bitcoin as an escape valve)

Nic and Matt cover an insane week of deals and market turmoil. In this episode:

  • The Biden admin freezes the Treasury guidance on unhosted wallets
  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expresses her concern about cryptocurrency for terrorist financing
  • Bitcoin as a monetary escape valve
  • The real reasons behind Treasury’s concern about Bitcoin
  • The prospects for monetary repression in the US
  • Prospects for Chris Brummer as the new head of the CFTC
  • Blackrock warms to Bitcoin
  • Our point by point ‘debunking’ of the anonymous blog post on Tether
  • Why Tether critiques are so popular
  • Why a Tether implosion would emphasize Bitcoin’s value proposition
  • We explain the Bitcoin ‘double spend’
  • How Bitcoin settlement is probabilistic

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