Zac Prince (BlockFi) on the Series D raise and a market update

Zac Prince, CEO and Cofounder of BlockFi joins the show once again to discuss BlockFi’s newly announced Series D financing and to discuss market dynamics. In this episode:

  • Announcing the Series D round of financing
  • Growth of revenues and clients on the platform
  • How BlockFi classifies itself in the taxonomy of banking, fintech, and brokerage
  • Market worries around the GBTC discount
  • Why did GBTC flip to being discounted?
  • What the GBTC discount means for BlockFi
  • How do the current GBTC dynamics affect Bitcoin interest rates, if at all?
  • One unexpected way the GBTC discount could disappear
  • The prospects for “busting the trust”
  • How Zac thinks about public messaging and the Twitter environment
  • What fraction of the bitcoin interest rate the GBTC trade represents
  • What’s next for BlockFi

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