Zac Prince on growing BlockFi through a pandemic

Zac Prince, founder and CEO of crypto lender BlockFi, joins the show once again to talk their recent growth and milestones. Today, BlockFi announced a $50m Series C round of financing, capitalizing on their recent growth. We dive into the fundraise, BlockFi’s eye-popping growth, and what is driving interest in the crypto lending space today. In this episode:

  • Blockfi announces a $50m Series C fundraising round
  • What it was like raising a Series C during covid
  • BlockFi’s insane traction and what is driving that growth
  • Zac’s big picture vision for the company as a global bank
  • The growth that BlockFi has seen in stablecoins on the platform and the role they play
  • What is really behind the high yields that BlockFi is able to offer
  • The risk profile of lending BTC with BlockFi
  • Zac’s taxonomy of stablecoins
  • BlockFi’s plan for Tether – and why Zac decided to support it
  • Zac’s view of current institutional participation in the lending market
  • How Zac thinks about DeFi and the rise of decentralized lending – and whether it competes with BlockFi
  • What positions BlockFi is hiring for and who they would like to apply